General Press Specializing in In-Mold offset printing for product package solutions

Cut and Stack paper labels are an economical way to enhance your product packaging.

Cut and Stack Labels can be customized to fit your exact needs. Here are just a few of the many services and techniques offered by General Press:

• Over-lacquering with a high gloss in-line UV coating

• 8-color printing

• Automated high speed precision die cutting into intricate shapes

• Holographic and metallized stocks for enhanced visual effect

• Perfecting

• Variable coating weights

Cut & Stack Paper Labels

General Press has been supplying Cut & Stack labels to local, regional, and national label accounts for more than 80 years! We provide labels with consistent color, die cutting, and incredible customer service.

 Cut & Stack labels are an economical way make your product stand out with high quality graphics. Add custom diecutting or a specialized paper to further enhance the look of your label. Our years of experience and exceptional customer service, come together to produce a quality label for your product. Our labels are engineered to function reliably in your production environment. A label that performs consistently well on your production line allows you to focus on what is most important, which is your product. Rest assured that the label we manufacture for your product will perform to your standards each step of the way, all the way to your customer.

General Press can offer a variety of substrates depending on the function of your label. Our substrates include standard papers, specialty papers, C1S & C2S, wet strength paper, metallized paper, oriented polypropylene film, synthetic films, and more.


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