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Blow Mold Labels In-Mold Labels can be used for a variety of purposes such as household products, chemical products, and automotive products.

The advantages of Blow Mold decorating include:

High Quality Graphics

Combines Decorating and Production into one step

One step mean less handling and lower decorating costs

The finished part is fully recyclable.


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Blow Mold In-Mold Labeling

Whether for grocery, automotive, or any other application, General Press will supply a high quality Blow Mold label for your package. Blow molding, like injection molding, provides the benefit of one step process of in-mold labeling. In one step your package can be molded and decorated thereby eliminating the second step of decorating from your work process. We provide the clear, no-label look or any full color label that you can imagine.

Our printing method allows your job to dry immediately. When needed, we can cut and ship labels with very short lead times. This allows us to respond quickly to changes in your production schedule or last minute changes to copy. Often with food products, there are last minute ingredient changes and with other products promotions or last minute orders need to be addressed quickly. With our technology we can respond as your schedule demands.

Accurate die cutting is critical to producing quality In-Mold labels. We have the capability to accurately cut small, medium and large format labels, up to 39.5 inches in width. We have several options for performing this, including counter pressure high die and rotary die cutting.

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