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General Press Corporation is located in Western PA, just 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA
General Press Corporation is located in Western PA, just 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA

Our mission is to be a partner, providing a great product along with the exceptional customer support that allows you to develop your brand and deliver your product quickly.


General Press is a full service printer that has specialized in In-Mold Labels since 2001. We have been in commercial and label printing for more than 80 years. Our goal is to provide a quality custom label that functions consistently in your molding or labeling environment. We offer a variety of substrates, finishes, techniques, and materials. We frequently test new substrates and offer new products to provide that unique look allowing you to offer your customers new options. This allows you to focus on creating and selling your product and brand. We assist you in developing a label that provides the look, feel, and function that sets your product apart.

We are very proud of our customer support. We have the flexibility to adjust schedules to meet the needs of both you and your customer. We know the cost of delayed production or lines that are idle while waiting for product. This is where our size and exceptional customer service can make the difference.

 Your interactions with us, starting in prepress, allow you direct contact with the people responsible for your work. This also applies to your customers. If needed, we can work as your representative with your customer. We will keep you updated while developing your customer’s labels. We can also help you to track versions, manage SKU’s and changes.

While other printers are waiting for the ink to dry, our labels can be packed and shipped.  This allows you to trim production schedules by weeks when necessary. While everyone would like reasonable production times, that is not always the case. Whenever there is a rush or if your work is the type that has a short production schedule, we have the perfect printing technology for you.

We offer inventory programs that can help provide you with a constant, fast flow of product. It’s comforting to know that labels are boxed and ready to be released as soon as you need them.

Our label expertise and technologies apply to Injection, Blow and  Thermoform molding processes.  We have even a longer history of producing wrap and spot labels on paper and plastic. These products include beer labels, grocery and food labels, clear or white plastic water bottle labels, plus much more.


General Press has G7 Certification including certification on plastic substratesG7 Certified, including plastic substrates


General Press is a Charter Member of the IMDA, the In-Mold Decorating AssociationCharter Member of the In-Mold Decorating Association


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